Jim Camburn Memorial Buena Relays

Jim Camburn Memorial BUENA RELAYS


  1. Upon arrival you must check in your team with the clerk, identifying (highlighting) which athletes are participating in which events.  No race day additions, only scratches. 
  2. Maximum of 4 events per athlete.  Athletes may compete in both varsity and sub-varsity events at this meet, but not in the same event
  3. The pole vault and high jump will be contested as a relay and cards will be at the venue.
    1. All competitors are allowed 6 total attempts or 3 missed consecutively
    2. A team will be out of the competition if one of the members “no heights”
    3. No one may pass more than 2 consecutive times
    4. Contestants can’t ask the bar to be raised to a height other than the designated increments
    5. The contestant may not receive extra time to complete an attempt
  4. HIGH JUMP OPENING HEIGHT: Boy’s 5’0”  &  Girl’s 4’0” and will be raised in 2” increments
  5. POLE VAULT OPENING HEIGHT:  Boy’s 8’0” & Girl’s 6’0” and will be raised in 6” increments
  6. All varsity boys D1 & D2 as well as varsity girls D1 & D2 races will be blended. Medals and team scoring will still be on a division basis.
  7. There are 2 venues each for shot put, discus, javelin, and high jump.  There is one pole vault area. The pit was purchased in 2017 and is compliant with the new collar regulations.
  8. ¼” spikes or less may be used. 
  9. No headphones of any type are permitted on the track, in any competition area (including the infield), or in the paddock area. Please advise your athletes to leave them behind.
  10. Please instruct your athletes not to use duct tape on any track or jumping surface. Athletic tape is acceptable.  Please remove and throw in trash when done.
  11. Please stay off the infield.  Only athletes in PV, HJ & LJ may be in those competition areas.  Coaches boxes are provided for PV, HJ, & LJ.  AT NO TIME MAY ANYONE BE NEAR THE TIMING TENT.
  12. The thrower’s 4x100 relay is exhibition only and won’t be used for team scoring.  Those athletes competing in this event must be throwing shot put, discus and/or javelin at this meet to be eligible for participation.  Please remember the spirit of this event is to allow those athletes that don’t typically run in a meet to compete, it is not for the “stud” who runs on your varsity squad as well as throws.
  13. Shirts & hoodies are available: short sleeves ($15), long sleeves ($25), and hoodies ($35)
  14. Concessions will be available.

Track running sequence will be:

(1) boy’s varsity   (2) girl’s varsity  (3) boy’s sub-varsity  (4) girl’s sub-varsity

Order of events:

  1. 2x400ih      --no sub-varsity
  2. 4x100mr
  3. Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600)      --no sub-varsity
  4. 4x110 (100) shuttle hurdles      --no sub-varsity
  5. 4x200mr
  6. 4x800mr
  7. Sprint Medley Relay (400-200-200-800)
  8. Thrower’s 4x100mr     --no sub-varsity
  9. 4x400mr

*Pole Vault Relay A    (infield)

  1. Girls small & large combined
  2. Boys small
  3. Boys large

*High Jump Relay A   (home bleacher side)

  1. Boys large
  2. Boys small
  3. JV B

*High Jump Relay B  (visitor’s side)

  1. Girls large
  2.  small
  3. JV G

Javelin Relay A     (closest to school)

  1. Boys large
  2. JV B
  3. Boys small

Javelin Relay B    (closest to track)

  1. Girls large
  2. JV G
  3. Girls small

Discus Relay A     (behind home bleachers)

  1. Boys small
  2. Boys large
  3. JV B

Discus Relay B   (closest to high jump-on hill)

  1. Girls small
  2. Girls large
  3. JV G

Shot Put Relay A    (behind scoreboard)

  1. JV B
  2. Boys small
  3. Boys large

Shot Put Relay B    (closest entrance)

  1. JV G
  2. Girls small
  3. Girls large

**Triple Jump Relay  (near 100m start-outside  fence)

  1. Girls small & large Open pit 9:00-10:30
  2. Boys small & large Open pit 10:45-12:15

**Long Jump Relay   (infield)

  1. Boys small & large Open pit 9:00-10:30
  2. Girls small & large Open pit 10:45-12:15